Eu Agreement Covid

SEBASTIAN Fischer, spokesman for the COUNCIL of the EU, called the agreement an “agreement for Europe.” In addition, on 2 April, the Commission adopted guidelines for cross-border health cooperation between national, regional and local authorities. The aim is to facilitate the transfer of patients from one Member State to another, to help qualified medical staff to provide assistance in other Member States and to reduce the burden that the current epidemic has imposed on national health systems. The guidelines include rules for cross-border patient mobility, measures to reimburse health costs and encourage national authorities to use existing bilateral and regional agreements. Applications for cross-border health care are coordinated by the Health Safety Committee, chaired by the Commission, and by the EU`s Early Warning and Response System. In total, the new budget of 1.1 trillion euros, as part of the July budget agreement, adds 16 billion euros for health, education and security. The current German Presidency of the Council of the EU says that only EUR 12.5 billion is fresh money and claims that most of the new revenue will be generated by fines that have previously been transferred to certain Member States. As soon as governments and Parliament agree on the details, the agreement can be ratified by the national parliaments of the 27 EU member states. The money is expected to be paid in the second half of next year. The contract with CureVac is in line with the EU`s supply contracts with AstraZeneca AZN. L, Johnson and Johnson JNJ. N, Sanofi SASY.

PA and Pfizer PFE. N for a set of 1.4 billion doses of their potential vaccines. On 6 July, CureVac signed a EUR 75 million loan agreement with the European Investment Bank for the development and large-scale production of vaccines, including the company`s candidate against COVID-19. (;actions=;categories=;keyword=covid;programme=null) The political agreement reached during the negotiations on the eu`s long-term budget and economic recovery plan ended for months with a 2021-2027 budget agreement.

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