What Does Violent Agreement

[:24] Intro: In this episode, I talk to Terrence Donnelly and Joshua Imel, co-founders of Teeps, a growing company here in Orlando, Florida that is transforming business through mobile. I asked Terrence and Joshua to come on the show and tell their story, which intrigues me because they`re a really good example of how a team of co-founders did NOT allow people to spend the night in their business. They tell how they went from a band from the country that toured the country together, JOSHUA: It was interesting. We had long hair. LAURA: Wow. Long hair. Real? Oh man, how haven`t I seen pictures of that? TERRENCE: Well, uh, they`re out there. Probably on Facebook or maybe Myspace. to start a business together. You also talk about sustainable balance as a core value, including for a start-up – what?? I know it`s great, right? TERRENCE: As if I had somehow quantified what was going on around me when I was in a situation where it wasn`t sustainable. Um, and I just looked at the damage it can do to an organization. Not just on people and especially on people who didn`t realize they were causing harm until it was too late. And how, through sincere listening, they have contributed to the growth and development of the other as leaders and business owners.

So let`s go into the kick-off – here`s Teeps. Relationships can collapse when people forget what brought them together and should keep them together. We should be more careful that our relationships with each other as citizens and compatriots do not end in divorce, when all we need is downtime and more respectful listening. What does the term “violent agreement” mean? With regard to human rights, where there are clearly substantive disagreements (p.. B e.g., abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage), they always agree that the government has nothing to do with interfering with “my rights,” no matter how I define them. And indeed, in response to this, human rights have continued to grow over time. .