Wawa Sheetz Agreement

But where exactly do Wawa Land and Sheetz Land stop? This interactive map shows a front line somewhere in Berks County. The yellow dots represent the Wawa locations; the reds represent the Sheetz locations. Click on the dots to get the address. Zoom in to take a closer look at the distribution in a region of the state. — John Fetterman (@JohnFetterman) September 5, 2019 Miller highlighted his store`s wine and beer inventory. Six packets of beer fill six coolers; The store moved “loose drinks” like 2-liter sodas and milk to accommodate the beers, he said. The store also has a car wash. The second also has a name that punishes the ears of strangers: Wawa. State tradition says it is the horn of the goose on its logo. In addition to following store fans and immersing himself in brand cultures, Fridg said his film will have “some sort of test” to determine which convenience store is the best. .