Sample Home Inspection Agreement

As mentioned at the beginning, it is important that a local legal counsel assist you in the development of your screening agreement, as the laws of the state and even the county vary. Legal assistance is essential, particularly with regard to the limitation of liability provisions, as the limitations of these provisions are extremely specific to the place. 11. If the CLIENT requests a new inspection, the new inspection is subject to all the conditions set out in this agreement. The standard re-inspection fee is $125.00 per visit. Customer agrees that all re-inspection fees are payable before documents for a new inspection are disclosed. The audit fee is charged to the CLIENT, unless both parties agree to separate agreements. Because these are limited and non-invasive surveys of homes, their systems and components, domestic inspections are not technically comprehensive. There are some things that inspectors simply cannot or will not find, because the discovery of such defects goes beyond the capacity of the inspectors. Items you never inspect should be excluded from your pre-verification agreement so that customers have reasonable expectations. A limitation of liability clause caps your financial liability in the event of missing defects or omissions. If z.B.

a home inspector misses a roof leak, the client may require the inspector to pay for a brand new roof. The limitation of liability clause may limit the client`s requirement to a doubling of the review fee. Below are some of the important provisions to be included in the preliminary review agreements. The list is not exhaustive and does not recognize any status requirement. The list may, however, provide inspectors with the preparatory work to begin a meeting with competent local legal advisors, to establish or revise their language in the home inspection contract. 5. INSPECTOR does not perform engineering tasks, architecture, remediation or other tasks requiring a professional permit in the country where the inspection takes place, unless the inspector holds a valid professional licence, in which case he can inform the CLIENT that he has that licence and is therefore qualified to go beyond this basic domestic inspection and carry out, for a fee, additional inspections beyond those carried out in the context of the basic inspection. Each agreement on these additional inspections is separate. Continue reading for more details on each type of exclusion with pre-spectral chord templates. Limitation of liability is an important aspect of contract law, both in the inspection sector and in the inspection sector.

In our article on why pre-inspection agreements must be signed before each inspection, Professor Charles Fried of Harvard Law School discussed the role of contracts in protecting against claims. According to Fried, it is wise for domestic inspectors to obtain agreements that limit their liability in order to protect themselves from charges that are not covered by their domestic inspection insurance. (You can read the full article here to find out what Fried and others have said about pre-inspection agreements.) But simply having an inspection agreement does not necessarily reduce the risk of a home inspector. Home inspectors need in-depth contracts, which take into account their specific national law, in order to successfully avoid potential claims. 1. INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out a visual check of the house/building and to provide the CLIENT with a written inspection report identifying the defects observed and considered essential by INSPECTOR. INSPECTOR may offer comments as a courtesy, but these comments do not contain the negotiated report. The report merely complements the seller`s disclosure. If a “water quality test” is to be conducted, the customer acknowledges that the results can last up to 10 business days. The property`s address is: 123 Fake St. Anytown, IN 00000.

The costs of this inspection are as follows: In addition to pointing out that some inspection items are optional, you may decide to include supplement agreements