Articles Of Agreement Traduzione

Do you miss a translation, have you noticed a mistake or would you like to give us a compliment? Fill out our comment form. Your email address is optional and we only need to respond to your request in accordance with our privacy policy. Brief expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, others according to Section 3, institutions may consider the innovation contract to define the strategic program for innovation and technology transfer (1989-1993) Results: 29. So-called innovation is a legal operation that replaces part of it with a new party, with all other terms of the agreement unchanged. Please confirm that you are indeed a snoch by checking this box. . . . Price per subdiation contract between the Hellenic Republic and the DNO (after the renewal of the transfer or renewal of a derivative contract after the negotiation during which one of the parties to the derivative contract is replaced by a third party). In addition, in the case of the four aircraft, the loan contracts were formally amended (by innovation) to allow the State to divest the business as a beneficiary of the loans. By accepting neo-soliage, the Dutch government has made long-term debt available to FBN at the interest rates set before the crisis…

Do you want to leave comments on our online dictionaries? . When calculating the value of the exposure, institutions can take into account the impact of innovation contracts and other section 295 compensation agreements. . (a) the amount of fictitious capital can be calculated taking into account the innovation contract; The percentages shown in Table 3 apply. ..

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