Draw.io License Agreement

If you use draw.io online (hosted by us), the CSUE applies. If you need to read this information during your own security check, please go to the git-draw.io repository that contains our security, privacy and policy documentation. This license is unlimited, except that you infringe part of that license, in which case you lose all licensed rights. There are no restrictions on the use of diagrams that you generate with diagrams.net. The diagrams you have created are yours and we license you to use one of our copyrighted symbols in your diagrams and create grid and vector versions of your diagrams and parts with diagrams.net for all intents and purposes. When you purchase draw.io applications for Atlassian software tools, you can provide all users with a professional and functional diagram tool that they can use in context without having to change tools. Because everyone can edit the diagrams you`ve created together, collaboration is much more fluid, even with people outside your company who don`t use Atlassian software. Let`s use draw.io for example for Atlassian software. When you buy the draw.io application for Atlassian software, you will get few drawbacks, but all the benefits of open source software, with guaranteed support and maintenance. Email address for the registration of new support tickets at:support@draw.io You can count on the privacy and security of draw.io. Open source software is by nature more trustworthy. Anyone can view the source code and check what API calls are or what data is sent and received.

In draw.io, your graphics are not shared or stored in a different location than your device and the platform where you record the diagram. 7.2 After acquiring the initial license for the software, the purchaser has the right to use the software maintenance services of (SEIBERT/MEDIA) for this software for a period of 12 months. During this maintenance period, the support channels mentioned in paragraph 9 must be used. 9.2 For draw.io products, please see the following channels: Thanks to commercial support, draw.io`s development team was able to publish updates every two days for the draw.io app for Confluence Cloud – 174 updates in 2018! You are never excluded from your diagrams, as is the case with many subscription-based diagram tools. Because draw.io is open source, you always have access to a tool that can open, edit and export your graphics data, even if your business switches to another graphics solution. These conditions come into effect as soon as the buyer receives the initial software license key from (SEIBERT/MEDIA) or a third party authorized to transfer the license key. By downloading, installing or using the software, the buyer recognizes that the validity of the provisions below is mandatory. As draw.io is commercial open source, we are able to use development resources to integrate and support the functions available through licensed software.