What Is A Written Agreement With Social Services

However, if we put aside the distracted question of whether alleged abuse victims are “credible” (and who does their job properly in child protection, and it will be), we come to the issue of written agreements. There is no doubt that the question of whether they are valid and used will continue to rage, given that there are arguments for and against both. The problem is something that no one has talked about – TRUST. If you use a written agreement, you must accept that your outcome depends on the degree of trust that can be shown to a family or individual to comply with the agreement. This is very important, because even within the framework of Community Care, several articles have been devoted to the problem of identifying perpetrators of domestic violence and forced control. If we find these people difficult to identify, then we also need to find people who are difficult to understand and know. This implies that trust also becomes a difficult subject. Because how do you trust someone who is difficult to identify and understand? Concerns about the use of agreements written by social workers in child protection cases – often where domestic abuse is a factor – have been highlighted in recent months in serious case checks and have been reiterated in a recent thematic report by inspectors. And now, the Community Care survey has also found concerns about these agreements, while some of their benefits are highlighted if used with care. We have not found written agreements that effectively reduce incidents of domestic violence and even reduce the risk. In fact, we found that, in some circumstances, their use did increase the risk, which gave professionals false safety with respect to the safety of children. Hello ss the hospital have said that I need an aptnea monitor to make sure that my son does not die through the night because of his reflux and he suffocates and chokes and stops breathing, you know with him with many operations and in icu for weeks with his latest rites, etc.

etc. I`m desperate and literally begging to help you help me, I`m really trying to work with you here, you can`t look below 17 and you said you support us in your written agreement Of course, in some cases, social workers will bark at the wrong tree and worry about things that don`t really happen (or they can`t prove).