Wireless Internet Service Agreement

Section 21 – Comprehensive Agreement These terms and conditions contain the full agreement and understanding of services and replace all proposed negotiations, discussions and agreements, whether electronic, written or oral. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time by the supplier. TH is committed to leasing to customer devices necessary for the implementation of a wireless Internet connection, in particular a surfer module, a surge shock absorber, a power injector and an Ethernet cable (all of which are called “Leased Equipment” here). With the exception of manufacturing defects that are corrected free of charge by TH to the customer at any time during the term of the contract, the customer bears the full risk of loss associated with the rental equipment, including, but not limited to, damage caused by the weather or other conditions at the customer`s location, and the customer must return the rental equipment in perfect condition to TH within ten (10) days of the end of the contract, or the customer is subject to a replacement price. The customer is aware that the installation services included in this contract are limited to the installation of a participation module (SM), a suppressor surge (SS), a cable to connect the SM and the SS and a cable that leads from the SS to the location of the customer through a (1) hole through an outside wall of the customer structure. TH is not responsible for additional installation tasks that are not specifically mentioned in this section 4 and may be considered desirable or necessary by the client or installation. The client is responsible for the additional work requested by the client at a later date. If your service does not contain a static IP, a dynamic IP address will be assigned to you. United reserves the right to reactivate inactive connections. United`s technical support may be limited to the unchanged services, software and/or hardware provided by United.

Your email address and web space can be disabled if you exceed storage limits. You can reduce the size or buy extra disk space. Use and web space exceeding the allocated bandwidth can be charged for excess traffic. The limits of email, web space and bandwidth are published on our website at the www.unitedtelcom.net. These limits can also be reached at 1-800-794-9999. United reserves the right to change the limits at any time. In the event of a breach by the Customer of a provision under this Agreement, TH reserves the right to terminate the agreement and services provided to the customer in addition to any other remedies available to the client. Section 17 – Guarantee providers are limited to liability for the delivery of the service and not to damage caused by other factors. The user is not responsible for the damage to the facilities.

The supplier will exercise reasonable caution to protect the user`s property. The provider is not responsible for the use of a computer or for data breaches or loss within the user`s network. The provider`s services are provided “properly.” The supplier does not accept any guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implied, including, but is not limited to a guarantee of market continuity, suitability for a specific purpose or non-violation or guarantee as to the reliability or suitability of a specific objective of its services.

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