Thinkorswim License Agreement

On December 10, 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission an investigation into the use (acquired by thinkorswim) of deceptive selling practices of Invetools, in which two named defendants, Michael J. Drew (“Drew”) and Eben D. Miller (“Miller”), gave trading workshops under the guise of full-time investors after making their fortune through the trade, and the students assured that they would achieve the same results. [18] Among the S.E.C. “Investools did not prevent its spokespersons from misleading investors about an investigation into the commercial success of its clients”[18] This TD Ameritrade API Developer Program Agreement (“Dev Agreement”) is a legally binding contract between you (“you”) and ThinkTech, Inc. (“ThinkTech,” “we,” “ours” or “unser”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation and a technology services provider of TD Ameritit. , Inc. and other financial companies of Charles Schwab Corporation (TD Ameritrade). You understand, recognize and accept that this Dev agreement does not create a brokerage account or other investment account at TD Ameritrade or makes you become a TD Ameritrade client (a “customer”). If you are an existing TD Ameritrade customer or become a TD Ameritrade customer for the duration of the Dev agreement, the terms of your customer contract with TD Ameritrade apply to all of your account and business activities that are carried out in addition to this Dev contract. If there is a conflict between this Dev agreement and your customer agreement, the customer controls.

If the lost work area is actually displayed in the login screen menu at the end of the restoration, select it and save the workspace as soon as you are connected to the denkorswim platform® by storing in the configuration area>. With respect to the license granted to you under Section 2, the following restrictions apply: 6. TT SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT PROPERTY. You acknowledge and consent that all rights, titles and interests of TT software and equipment and any location where the device is installed are TT`s property, lease or license, and that none of this interests you from any part of the TT software, equipment or such site. Swipe all the settings you want to transfer from the first computer (solve your grids, diagrams, analyzed trades, etc.), then click Installation> Save Under Work Zone and give it a name. This creates a file in the thinkorswim® directory (c:Thinkorswim) called workspace.whatevername.xml. In principle, everything that appears on the screen when recording the work area is transmitted. If you have multiple grids, open each of these grids and detach them so that they are displayed on the screen before recording the work area.

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