Articles Of Agreement Malta

There is no need to obtain a list of special broadcasts and educational services when the ALRS is on board. The use of nautical publications on board in digital form is accepted on the condition that the transport of the following publications is mandatory (ref. MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2), depending on the type of vessel: the Merchant Marine Directorate wishes to inform all concerned of the publications to be transported on board the Malta-flagged vessels. The list does not contain a logbook or manual. All publications on board, regardless of format, should be the latest editions or be duly corrected. It is recommended that the publications of IMO instruments be used in the ship`s working language. If the working language is not English, French or Spanish, publications are also supported by English, French or Spanish texts. The use of marine charts on board in electronic form is accepted provided that the corresponding SLS.9 technical advice is respected. IMO`s publications are included in IMO`s current catalogue. All vessels – ISM Code 1.2.3 and 11.3 require compliance with mandatory rules and rules and, therefore, the following codes and guidelines are recommended to be on board to ensure compliance: the crew statutes to be used on board the St. Kitts-Nevis vessels are as stated here. Owners and Masters should be associated with Part V of the Merchant Shipping Act Cap.

7.05 and in particular the crew engagement and unloading and salary sections. Please contact Skanreg, the Maritime Nader or shipowners as soon as possible so that the document is cancelled so that you can get a replacement. A fee is levied for the issuance of replacement documents. SKANReg will then endeavour to obtain these replacement documents from you as soon as possible. Please fill out Form A15 and indicate in the “Type of Application” section that you need a replacement or extension. Please also fill in box 52 explaining the reasons for the lack of documents. “Any person who has been required to perform a function, perform or perform a function in a function prescribed by these rules and who must be performed or fulfilled by a person holding a certificate or exemption through fraud or falsified documents.” Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. If a certificate is declared fraudulent/falsified/invalid by the issuing government, the Registrar/Ship Owner/Marine Manager is informed accordingly. No confirmation certificate is issued. Shipowners/managers are encouraged to remove the sailor from the duties he has undertaken and remove him from the vessel in the nearest available port. SKANReg is required to verify the validity of certificates issued by other states by seafarers serving on our ships. All ships – Required according to the rules or rules of commercial shipping: management would like all concerned to refer to Regulation and Regulation 27 of Chapter V of the International Convention for the Safeguarding of Life at Sea, 1974, in the amended version, which requires all ships to keep appropriate and up-to-date maps, sailing instructions, a list of lights, notes to sailors, tide charts and all other psychological publications necessary for the planned voyage.

If you lose or damage your CDC or COE, please read the instructions below to make sure there is no delay in getting a replacement.

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